We are reopening our nursery on June 22nd for cleaning and on June 23rd for the children to return. As you would expect things are going to be a bit different in order to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

We have put a range of new procedures in place to help protect our children and staff. These include: Children being separated into two groups in two separate rooms and each with two staff members – this will reduce the number of people each child comes into contact with. These groups will also use separate toilets.

Toys which are hard to clean, such as teddies and dressing up clothes have been put away. Books will be available but will be held by staff and used on a three day (72hrs) rotation. Steam cleaners have been bought to regularly clean toys and rugs

Staff will maintain social distancing from each other. All children and staff will be asked to wash their hands regularly during the day.

One change which it is important to note is that parents and carers will no longer be allowed to enter the nursery but will drop their children off at the front door. There are markings on the ground outside the building to assist with social distancing. Whilst staff will not wear masks inside the nursery they will wear them when they come to the door. If your child needs to be physically handed to staff we request that you also wear a face covering to do so. It will still be important for parents to talk to their child’s key workers, but we will seek to do this over the telephone rather than in person.

We also have a set of risk assessments specifically related to the coronavirus – you can read these here. Carey Childcare Centre – Infection Control Risk Assessment v1